The Yin and Yang of Acoustics

The Yin and Yang of Acoustics

TOO HARD/too soft…. TOO SPICY/too bland…. TOO LOUD/too quiet….   It’s all about balance.  In essence, Yin and Yang are opposites but they are also interdependent in that they cannot exist without each other.  In that same way, noise and silence are opposites and they also cannot exist alone, otherwise either noise or silence would be the only constant and we would acclimatise to this as the norm.  

The reality is however, that both noise and silence exist and an extreme of one or the other is generally uncomfortable.  Therefore, by paying attention to how an environment reacts acoustically due to the materials used in the space, we can strive to achieve a balance of comfort so that the ultimate purpose of an architectural project can be attained.

Architectural acoustic panels are one method of treating spaces, whether they are commercial, education, hospitality or even contemporary residential environments.

DQ Magazine Top Ten Forces and Faces of 2013

DQ Magazine Top Ten Forces and Faces of 2013

Formnation has been included in DQ's Top Ten list in the current edition of Design Quarterly Magazine (Issue 49).  Our acoustic panels have been featured alongside other designers and product within the Australian design industry.  Grab yourself a copy now while it's hot! 

Sydney Indesign 2013

Sydney Indesign 2013

Formnation participated in this years Sydney Indesign over 3 exciting days.  We featured our European style Soundform Peak panel and launched our new colour finish for the Soundform range, which means these acoustic panel beauties now come in any colour.  The response from the design savvy community was fantastic with great attendance at our shipping container fit out.  It also gave the crown a great chance to see how well our panels actually absorb noise... especially in such a vibrant environment!  



Formnation is newly formed… however, we are made up of many years of experience, especially in the manufacturing and design industry.  This allows us the expertise to create quality design products.  Formnation has evolved through years of hands on design, customisation and completion of a vast variety of projects within the architecture and building industry.

Formnation is constantly striving to design, produce and source a very high standard of product for the architecture and design industry.  We are also mindful of the necessity for sustainable products and produce these as a standard.  

Our manufacturing facility is based in Sydney, which means that our products are Australian designed and manufactured.  Our office is based at the factory, and therefore we keep a close eye on production, quality and product completion times.

In the history of our manufacturing facility, we have consistently delivered products on or ahead of time.  We pride ourselves on project conscious timelines and commit to always giving you the most accurate product manufacturing timeframes to enable your project planning to be more efficient.


We produce a wide range of innovative architectural acoustic paneling systems for walls and ceilings, featuring a more considered approach to panel aesthetics.  Our panels offer a wide range of finishes to suit any architectural project varying from hospitality, commercial, education, retail and even through to residential projects.

Formnation's acoustic panels are all produced from sustainable FSC or PEFC certified MDF board as a standard, which plays a large role in being an environmentally aware and eco friendly company.

We are constantly aware of current trends within the market and aim to stay ahead of those trends by leading the way through progressive design and consistently evolving our products and procedures.

By the way… We have a great time doing what we do!


The work of architects and interior designers…  major construction projects, geometrics, shapes, fabrics, texture, wallpaper, ceramics, music, fashion, Europe, nature, laughter, light, mood, shadows, surprises, dance, rhythm …  Inspiration is everywhere.


Formnation and we as individuals, have a vested interest in creating and maintaining sustainable designed objects for this world.  Our aim is to participate fully in utilising and developing eco friendly products, so that the products we design and supply have a positive impact in many ways on the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

Formnation strives to uphold industry standards, and be leaders in sustainability.  We also commit to be vigilant and evolve so as to ensure that our planet and its people are all happily here for many years to come. 

We achieve this by -

- using sustainably certified (eg. FSC/PEFC) components to manufacture our products
- using recycled products whenever possible
- recycling wherever possible – from office paper to board ‘off cuts’
- achieving waste minimisation through efficient design



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